Fellowship Dinner – May 20th

WOW!  You are invited for a fellowship dinner on Saturday, May 20th.  Drinks and bread will be provided. Please bring a dish if you are single, and two or three if you are a family.  We encourage all of you to bring friends and family to meet other people at CRCC. This is truly an … [Read more…]

Feeding America – May 26

Its almost time for our monthly mobile food bank.  We will be gathering in the parking lot at First Baptist on Friday, May 26th, around 3 pm to share food and love.  Please check your calendar, we are going to be short a few key leaders and hope to see your there. We continue to … [Read more…]


Now you can give generously to the mission at CRCC from home!  Click the link at the bottom of the home page at the CRCC website and you will be redirected a safe and secure site where you can sign up for online giving.